The Reasons That Make Student Loans Necessary

In most countries, higher education is seen as a privilege rather than a fundamental right. It is something to be earned and not something to be taken for granted. Although this is changing in many places, the prevailing wisdom still sees higher university education as something that should not be funded by taxes. Most people think that the state should not aid those who want to study, beyond a certain level. Therefore, even if primary school is often state funded, college students are not afforded that privilege. They have to finance their own way through college and universities for their graduate studies and beyond.

Most students do not have ready cash at hand to pay for their college and university fees. The expenses include tuition fee, books, uniform, transportation costs and hoarding expenses. This list is not exhaustive and there might be even more expenses. In most cases, tuition fee is the single biggest expense. Tuition fee usually constitutes anywhere between fifty to eighty percent of the entire higher education expenses. As many students can not finance their education on their own they rely on external financial aid.

Some students might inherit a lot of money and they have the option of using that to finance their way through college. Most students, however, are not that lucky and do not have a way to finance their college education. They rely on support from their families, especially their parents. They may also borrow sums from their friends, peers and the larger community. Another option is to apply to a government age children for a financial assistance. There are dedicated government bodies that are made for the sole purpose of financing education for deserving students who perform above a certain level.

Another option for underprivileged students aspiring to attend college is to engage in part time work. Part time work pays decently in most places and also leaves one with a sizeable income. In most cases, this income is enough to student finance a person’s college education and beyond. As students gain more skills. They can land better jobs that pay more.

With the increase in the minimum wage because of recent legislation, part time work has become an interesting prospect for most college students. Students these days are options to have part time jobs as soon as right after high school. This is a marked change from a few decades ago when it was considered wrong for school going children to engage in work. The kind of work taken up by students varies from place to place. Some areas have technical and automated jobs while the lesser developed areas so not have that luxury and only offer manual labour. Student loans can also be taken out to finance college education.

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