The First Step For Underage Programmers

Complex codes are always difficult to understand and they often offer headache to the programmer as well. Easy learning always start from beginner level to intermediate and then to advance. Initial jump into the advanced level always places problems in the way. The challenge is to identify the method through which the code can be created, which is easy to learn. Kano computer kit which is priced at about $200 is one useful tool to encounter such challenges, starting from hardware going towards the software side later. Osmo coding is another.

Osmo coding is basically block building of computer programs which later transforms them to real-world building blocks. The basic initiative of this learning method was to allow the kids of the age 6, 7 and 8 to skip reading and jumping straight into creating the code.

Osmo coding is basically a game like the traditional games which Osmo platform produced. Game is focused on blending the digital objects with which the kids play using iPad which features the scoreboard. The basic idea is let the kids think about the building blocks as tools in the way of problem-solving. The coding begins with the proper sorting of some magnetic blocks. The blocks are clicked keeping in view the run, jump and grab commands. The commands actually guides the protagonist of the video game on his adventure to get maximum strawberries along the way. The blocks can be twisted in parts and loops can be created so that the protagonist is sent in a whole new direction.

There is an attachment-equipped camera through which the tiles can be analyzed visually and operate a command. So in turn, there is no connection of the block through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. A big play is present which can be pressed to run the code that has been previously compiled by the blocks. Input commands include 2 individual portholes placed at the top of the block through which iPad camera can recognize it.

The game is independent of any text which enables its worldwide use as it is accessible to every kid, speaking any language. It keeps the kids engaged as blocks are arranged and played with hands only. Osmo coding is a fun introduction to the more complex logics of the computer world. It gets difficult with each coming level. Kids are not pushed towards learning this as a code learning exercise because schools nowadays see coding as an essential learning activity for children. With every coming year, Osmo coding will become a unique platform for every kid who reaches the age of 6. It can further take the kids towards more advanced and different languages in much lesser time. The project costs about $100. You can buy it online or from any toy shop. Stores which sell educational toys online always keep these kits available at discounted prices.

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