Pursuing Your Passion In Fashion

Before you take a step in to an exhilarating and at the same time extremely competitive world where art is defined in various forms, imaginations sketched in to striking patterns of reality and passion is combined with intellect to create masterpieces and make business, you’ll have to consider a few things that are noteworthy. If you’re having two minds selecting a particular field of study, you’re confused and perplexed on what to opt for, and fashion is one of them, read below to be enlightened on a few points that would hopefully help you out on deciding if you should steer clear away from it, or keep grinding and pursue your passion on fashion.


Well let’s just say fashion isn’t just about pairing a tee and a pair of Jean’s with a matching scratchie. You might have filled your history and geometric books with sketches on the side but ask yourself, was it because you were so engrossed in creating various designs for clothing or simply because your teacher’s monotonous lecture bored you out of your skull. You need to ask yourself if you’re willing to give up the bucks you saved for a fancy dinner with love of your life on fashion and fabrics instead. Spend the days at fashion stylist schools nights doing research at on just a piece of clothing. It means to rack your brain for everything new and innovative. If you’re into it you need to be ready to hustle as much.


The fact that you’re on a low budget should never stop you from achieving what you want. Especially if it means you’re going to be exercising your talents. But this again doesn’t also mean you can just blandly tie yourself to student loans and other financial burdens, just because you want to get a degree from a high profile institution. The fashion industry can be all expensive and sophisticated, so make you’ve arranged for all your needs and browse through a set of fashion stylist schools you can settle with to suit your budget without compensating on quality. In addition to keeping your fiscal health intact, you should also always have a backup plan. Not to sound pessimistic but there’s always a ‘what if’ right?


Whether you want to become a fashion designer or a fashion journalist, if you want to take a leap into the field, you must first confident about yourself. The industry as I had already mentioned earlier is highly competitive inviting people from various different ethnic and cultures. There’s going to be a lot of ups and downs, to reach success, and through all this you need to master the courage of witnessing it all, be open to different personalities and always have any for every little detail. Now this wouldn’t necessarily mean you have to stay back if you’re an introvert, in fact, by igniting the creativity in you and the passion to showcase it will automatically make you acknowledge people and their different views.

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