How To Entertain Your Child?

Handling kids can be quite stressful especially during the holidays, they have no place to go so they create havoc in the house. It is important to keep them busy. However, you should never leave them unsupervised even if they have something to do, you should always have an eye on them in order to ensure their safety. Televisions are an easy way to keep them busy but too much of it can affect them in the long run. Here are some things you can do to keep them entertained.1. Give them building blocksAll children love playing with toys, but they can easily get bored with it, but this does not happen with the blocks. They can build different things and the fun part about it is that they can demolish it and re-build something new each time. This can also help them think creatively.2. Use waterWho doesn’t love to play with water? Just fill a bathtub with water and bubbles and put a few of their favorite toys in there, this could keep them occupied for quite a while. 3. Quiet timeInclude this in the midst of a fun day, give them a book they like and get them to read it and make them write their favorite part of the book. This can also help you take a break and do something you want while they are busy. 

Use decodable reading books if they still can’t read much. 4. Get a hobbyA hobby can help your child focus on something to do in their free time. It could be anything, just give them stamps, stickers, collectibles or paint. They can choose something they like out of the options you provide. Though keep in mind that painting can get really messy and end up ruining your house, providing them with a play space can help prevent the messiness from spreading to other areas of the house. StudyTheir stay at home shouldn’t always be fun, you should encourage them to do their homework and study on time to make their day more productive.

They can use the holidays to brush up on their spelling and writing skills by using extra materials like better phonics reading books for kids.If you are a new mother, then having a child can be quite stressful especially at the tender of age four, so following these above tips can help them stay busy. You could also try hiring a baby sitter if you can’t seem to get your work done in the midst of all this. Another alternative would be to have play dates with other children in the kindergarten.

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